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Vastu Visit

Mr.Gaurav Arora has researched on all Rules and Mathematics of Vastu and he is invited for Vastu Visit by Eminent People, Politicians and Celebrities for their Home, Industries, Factory, Mall, Shops and others. He has done Vastu for reputed Construction Co.
Vastu is Science of Lord Shiva that has many powerful elements that can make property proper and prosper according to Nature. Vastu tell that How to inherit that energy from Nature so that we give the balance to our property with full of positive Energies.
Every plot or form of piece of earth has certain electoral form that has many energies and Forces. A piece of Earth has sort of forces by way of electoral magnetic forces and its gravitational spot that have some Terms formation that requires the balancing form to enter positive energies and maintain the balance.
Vastu made property will always give u peace, good health and financial gains this is very true but only need qualified hand ……Mr.Gaurav Arora

Mr.Gaurav Arora does Vastu visit for HOUSE , FLAT , BUNGALOW, PLOT , FARM HOUSE, OFFICE, FACTORY, MALL, INDUSTRY, SHOP and also gives Vastu Map Consultation on Residential and Commercial Property. (Advance Appointment must)

Mr Gaurav goes for Vastu visit in any Country any State but only subject to prior Appointment at very reasonable Fees. You can also send Map of property for vastu.
Call for Vastu Visit 9873844201, 8860313599

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Call for Vastu Visit 9873844201, 8860313599