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Consultancy for Astrology, Numerology, Gemology, Palmistry, Vastu and Feng shui, Share Market Prediction, Match Making, Medical Astrology, Gems Therapy, International Share Market Analyze, Prediction on climate changes


“Astrology is made by Lord Shiv for Human to minimize the problem” If believe in God then Apply his science that is Greatest Science………”Jyotirvid Gaurav Arora”

1.Match Making
We bring out full detail of your partner and each n every single things. It is very substantial part because marriage is big decision so through match making we may know all reality about our partners. Some basic things to see as fellows:
1.How many Guna matching
2.How will be your married life.
3.Full prediction of upcoming married life.
4.what will be nature and character of your spouse and his/her some secret.
5.Manglik dosha will effect or not.
Match making can make your married life happy and complete without issue and you can stay safe from divorce or other so match making is very very important.

2.Medical Astrology
We tell about Health issue or any incurable decease in upcoming time of a person through this. Any health or deceases are healed by strong Remedies and others method to get instant relief. If you have any health issue that has been disturbing since long time then may contact us.Medical astrology warns us for upcoming health issue And do remedies in advance before it becomes worse.

3.Business Astrology
In this part we tell which business is good for Native( person) like wise garments, ornament bus,chemical, I T bus, construction bus,others.… so that we don’t face problem in business and have permanent financial gains.There are many more things that are told through this. Before starting your business just go through this then you wont have issue in business and your business will rise time to time. So Know which business is made for you.

4.Astrology on Job
We may know, Can we get govt job or which job is good for us whether govt and private. Mr.Gaurav Arora can tell about Job prospective of person astrologically where you have to go as for govt and private jobs and which companies and sector will be good for you to go for job.When will you get your promotion and so many others things related to jobs.

5.Share Market
Jyotirvid Gaurav Arora gives exclusive Precise Astrological Predictions on Share Market(Indian and international) , Stock Market , Mutual Funds , Commodity Market and IPO . MR Gaurav Arora ji gives Predictions For Market like SENSEX , NSE , BSE , NASDAQ , ASX , DOW JONES , NYSE , MCX , NCDEX , NMCE , BRVM , JSE , CSE , NIKKEI , KOSPI , HANG SENG , and others according to Astrology comprehensively and planetary position of person. Before investing take advise astrologically and know which stock is good or bad for you.

6. Astrology on Education
Mr.Gaurav Arora ji gives Accurate carrier information like which stream should be adopted commerce/science/arts, which Line or place a student should GO after 12th or Graduation for study like wise IIT,MBA. (HR/FIN/MKT/INS/HM/IB,) MBBS, MD, IIT, IAS, IPS, FPS, LLB, JUDITURY Exam, IT, CA, CS, ICWA, MCA, BCA, BBA, Govt service exam and Others.If you choose right carrier astrologically then no one can stop you to get successful so Know which line is good for u and go for it. If your child does not study or faces some problem during study and others.His/Her problem can be caught through Astrology and from Remedies these problem can be vanished only if got in beginning so make your child horoscope check for that without getting late by well qualified experience Astrologer Gaurav Arora ji.

7.Real Estate Astrology
Mr.Gaurav Arora advises for purchasing property that what time, which side it should be, which direction, which name for property to buy and vehicles as well. If person goes through astrologically for buying property that property gives financial gains and good health and successful life. Must know before investing or buying for any purpose.

Mr.Gaurav Arora uses numerology with astrology and he makes name balance. Mr. Gaurav Arora gives lucky numbers for different use like account number, car number and industry names. He also gives the auspicious date and lucky names for firm, industry and other corporate companies.

9.Gemology and Gemstone therapy
Mr.Gaurav Arora ji is Gemstone specialist, he recommends Gemstones and give it. We give 100% natural non heated non treated gemstone abhimantrit and pure that will surely give better result with lab test report. Gemstones have syner energy that has cosmic terolick terms which makes balance with body and minimizes the negativity and problem. One Native feel relaxed and energized after wearing with proper procedure only.You all can know about Gemstones and Get it at very very reasonable rate.

10.“If you don’t have time of birth so don’t need to worry”
Mr.Gaurav Arora uses Prashna Kundli to predict without time.He gives accurate prediction to native.Mr.Gaurav Arora is only Astrologer who can find out the 100% Accurate time of birth by Nadi Astrology and time event terms method with palmistry. Mr.Gaurav Arora ji has created his new method to find out the accurate time of birth. So you may your correct time of Birth.

11.Astro Mathematics
Mr.Gaurav Arora makes panchand and other planetary calculation. Mr.Gaurav Arora ji is Astro mathematician and his prediction method is by checking all charts,Degrees, Sub Divisional charts, Nakshtara(sub/sub sub/sub sub sub),all vergas, so that accuracy of prediction comes 100% and satisfactory so that we know the root cause of problem.

12.Right Time of Delivery (Baby)
Jyotirvid Gaurav ji tells right time of delivery of baby so that new born baby will have Good Planetary combination or under Raj yoga and no gundmool nakshtra and others in his/her Horoscope. This is very important to know auspicious time for delivery (New born baby) so that your child becomes lucky for you and does well in his/her life later.

Jyotirvid Gaurav Arora
(Astrologist, Numerologist, Gemologist, Palmist, Vastu Consultant)


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