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Consultancy for Astrology, Numerology, Gemology, Palmistry, Vastu and Feng shui, Share Market Prediction, Match Making, Medical Astrology, Gems Therapy, International Share Market Analyze, Prediction on climate changes

About Us

Mr.Gaurav Arora is Well Qualified Experience n World Renowned Astrologer, Numerologist, Gem stone Specialist, Palmist, Vastu Consultant. He has given consultation to eminent peoples, Politician and Famous Celebrities. He has researched on more than 3 lac Horoscope and keep doing more.
Mr.Gaurav Arora has got many awards from different institutions for his precise prediction and effective remedies (made by him only).He has given lecture in many institution and also he is visiting Lecturer for some reputed institution in field of Occult Science.

Mr Gaurav Arora believes that Lord Shiv is Real Father and Astrology is gift from Lord Shiv to him.
Mr .Gaurav Arora has also perfection in Astro Maths, Panchang, Climate changes prediction, World Share Market Analyst, Astro Physics , he regularly sees solar system and research on it. He has made very correct prediction on climate changes, World Position, Planetary changes in ur Akash Ganga and keep doing that.
Mr Gaurav Arora is only Astrologer who has brought different n very Easy Remedies which gave very very good result to native. His remedies are very powerful and very less expensive. His objective to wipe out everyone’s tears and stay happy by grace of Lord Shiv Real Father.

Mr Gaurav Arora is well known for his effective remedies where you don’t need to spend a lot money. He has brought many remedies (uppaye) from his research that gives instant relief to person. Mr.Gaurav Arora gives accurate predication and provides precise direction and also keeps away the elution and then You don’t need to go anywhere after that.
                                                     Some important things for people to know
                                                       By Jyotirvid Gaurav Arora Ji

1. There is no anshik manglik and anshik kaal serp dosha, this is absolutely wrong if any one says to you then don get scared, it has no base understand this. There can be Manglik or kaal serp rather than anshik.

2.Some people say that your manglik dosha will be over after 28 year or something it does not happen at all it remains active.Only need is right direction to come over.

3.In case of match making gun dosha is not enough for that always make it full proper match making so that you can get each n everything about partner and do remedies.

4.In case of buying Gemstone, stay aware of heated treated Gemstones that wont work at all understand this, always buy 100% natural non heated treated gemstone and wear it only after making stones Abhimantri with right time.

5.You are Born in Gundmoola Nakshtra then first perform pooja for it and do donation according to time then go for others rememdies.There are 6 Nakshtras which come in Gundmoola and these seem to be inauspicious for person.

                                                  New Research on “Manglik” by Gaurav Arora Ji

Manglik person can marry to non manglik person and non manglik can as well..Yes this is true. This is my research where I seen that it can be possible without any problem but need to check properly then only. You can contact us if you have such kind of problems.

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